Monarchs to Mexico!

Today was an exciting day in 2nd grade! We watched our last chrysalis open up and a butterfly emerge. We tagged our butterflies and sent them on their way to Mexico!

IMG_3588 (1)

Butterfly Migration Game

Learned about Monarch butterfly migration by playing a game!

Arboretum Field Trip




IMG_3554We had a wonderful first field trip to the WNC Arboretum on Friday to learn more about weather.

Does air have weight and take up space?

That was our question for science on Friday! We made air see saws to experiment and test and then gathered our data! Our conclusion was…. Yes! Air has weight and takes up space!




1st Science Lab

For our first science lab we learned about the scientific method.

Question- Are magnets attracted to all metal objects?

Hypothesis- Magnets attract all metal objects

Experiment-Use magnets to test different kinds of metal objects

Conclusion-Magnets are only attracted to metals iron and steel

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

We are going to have a great year filled with learning and fun! We can’t wait to get started!