Blog Guidelines

Blog Use Guidelines for Ms. Jessica’s Class

Our blog address:

Our blog is open to the world! Cyber safety and keeping the blog secure are very important to us. The following guidelines have been established to ensure internet safety.

  • Students will only be identified by their first name with text and will never be identified in a photograph or video. Parents can request a screen name or initials be used instead of first name.
  • Posts written by students are checked and approved by the teacher before they are posted to the blog.
  • Posts will not include personal or identifying information, such as addresses or birthdays.
  • Anyone in the world can comment! All comments will be sent to the teacher for approval before they are posted to the blog.
  • All students must have parent permission to have photos, videos, or their work posted to the blog. For photos and videos, we use the media use permission slip signed by parents in the beginning of the year paperwork.
  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use first name only so as not to identify their child.
  • All students must oblige by the blogging rules we have established as a class.
  • Posts should be school-related and school-appropriate.